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2013 Newsletters

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January_2013hot!Tooltip 01/09/2013 Hits: 2726
HACOA Holiday Party Mike Dawson's Preventive Maintenance Articles is part 1 of Corvair Alignment. Wes Mellies and crew have a workday to repair Chuck and Dorothy Morris'1960. John Mellies Mystery Machine is a holiday hit at the Country Club Plaza. Report on Mike Dawson's PowerGlide Tech Session.
February 2013hot!Tooltip 02/04/2013 Hits: 2615
Mike Dawson finishes the Preventive Maintenance Series article on Corvair alignment. Wes Mellies finishes the repairs on the totaled 1960 Corvair 700 and takes it for a test drive. Gary Lehnen tells of his adventures in repairing the unseen rust areas in his 1965 Corvair convertible. Reid and Marina Miermaster check in with sightseeing photos from Utah and Nevada.
V49_4April_2013vaircorhot!Tooltip 04/02/2013 Hits: 2519
Mike Dawson's Preventive Maintenance Series: Steering Boxes Mike Dawson: The Future of Automotive Air Conditioning. Patrick Reavey: 2013 Kansas City Auto Show and KC Automotive Museum Wes Mellies: On Gary Lehnen's finished project. Larry Sherwood: begins his Project Report on Ol'Blue. Scott Allison reports on the 2013 Performance Workshop President's Corner: Don Barta. Cruise Schedule: Bill Bennett.
March_2013vaircorhot!Tooltip 03/05/2013 Hits: 2511
Mike Dawson's Preventive Maintenance article is on the Corvair as a daily driver. The article continues with photos of Mike's Daily Drivers Cliff Carlino gives a project report on the 1965 Monza that he is finishing restoring and adding air conditioning. Ada Koch opens an art exhibit at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center. Some photos of the Don and Barb Wagner's trip to South America.
July_2013vaircorhot!Tooltip 07/03/2013 Hits: 2429
Mike Dawson covers Trip Checks for upcoming convention June meeting in the park Alignment Working Tech Session Lathrop Car Show Scott Allison describes his trip to Tri-State KC Art Institutes Art of the Car Concours Waterfest Parade in Excelsior Springs Trip to Valley Falls
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