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Technical Documents
Great technical documents.


118 Mike Dawson's Preventive Maintenance Series
Decades' worth of preventive maintenance tips from Mike Dawson.

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DIY Solar Heaterhot!Tooltip 01/18/2010 Hits: 9954
Thanks to David George for this detailed build of a solar heater made largely of aluminum beverage cans!
Calculate Head Gaskethot!Tooltip 01/19/2010 Hits: 1842
Colorized 1965 Corvair 500/Monza/Corsa Wiring Diagram Link created on: Wed, 2011-Dec-28
12 Engine Assembly Tipshot!Tooltip 08/10/2013 Hits: 453
Engine rebuilding tips by Mike Dawson
Poor Man's Porschehot!Tooltip 12/12/2017 Hits: 129
Article from June 1993 Classic Auto Restorer magazine by former editor of the VairCor Joe McBride.