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Paul & Jack's Tavern

Paul & Jack's TavernMap
1808 Clay Street
North Kansas City
Country: us


Paul and Jack's is an old-school bar and grill -- old school as in 1948, when the original local brothers, Paul and Jack, opened for business. Since then, the tavern has earned a reputation for its burgers, its chili and its exceptionally friendly service.

Lunch time draws the biggest, most diverse crowd to the tavern's booths, but anytime is a great time to go.

There's a "Special" at Paul and Jack's every weeknight, but the place is really hoppin' on Fridays for the filet or shrimp deal, and the laid-back atmosphere makes Paul and Jack's full bar a great place to stop in and relax!

In the warmer months, it's always a good time to listen to live music on Friday or Saturday evening, out on the large, enclosed back patio.
Date Title Venue City State
06:00 PM
November Meeting and Elections Paul & Jack's Tavern North Kansas City MO