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Indoor Tech Session

16001 Oakland Ave.
Country: us


Mid-Winter Tech Session: Saturday, January 18, 2020

4:00 – Dinner to Follow

16001 Oakland Ave, Belton, MO


This will cover the large selection of Corvair specialty tools that are available, both commercial and homemade, which make life with Corvairs easier. I currently have over 80 for display and which I will include in the handout; probably more by printing date. If you have an interesting tool to share please bring it and we will have a group show-and-tell following the initial presentation.

When feeding time arrives (approximately 5:30) Sandy will provide soup and stew with tableware, soda, coffee and adult beverage. Please bring something to compliment dinner such as veggies, chips, fruit, salad or bread.

Bring a chair to be comfortable and spouses are encouraged to attend; there will be an upstairs version.

Please RSVP to insure food and beverage supply, and so that I could contact you if we would need to cancel due to weather.

Mike Dawson 816 322-4057, CLOAKING



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